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These Purchase, Payment and Delivery Terms  govern the placing of

an order, concluding a sale contract, making a payment, ordering delivery services,

and returning goods purchased through the Application (as defined below) owned

and operated by Yumasoft Inc. having an address at 245 Saw Mill River Road,

Hawthorne, New York, USA, 10532.

Except to the extent expressly provided otherwise, in these Terms:

 means a request made by a Customer to a Store through the

Application for purchasing and delivering Goods.

 means the customer downloadable web application YUMA and

related application software, including an application aggregator and branded

individual applications provided by Yumasoft Inc.

(collectively referred to as 

means a natural or legal person using the Application for the purposes of

purchasing Goods from Stores through the Application.GOODS; means goods featured through the Application and offered by Stores

for sale to Customers.

"Store" (collectively referred to as "Stores") means a natural or legal person

selling or intending to sell Goods through the Application.

1. Technical Steps for Placing Order & Concluding Sale Contract

1.1 In order to place an Order, you have to perform the following technical steps:

(i) Choose a Store through the Application and click on the icon representing the


(ii) Select Goods that you would like to purchase from the selected Store by

clicking on the button next to the listed Goods. The selected Goods will

go to your shopping cart.

(iii) After adding the selected Goods to your shopping cart, please click on the

icon "Shopping Cart" located at the top right corner of the Application and

check carefully the list of the selected Goods.

(iv) Confirm the Order by clicking the button in the shopping cart.

(v) Specify the details related to the Order (e.g., delivery time and type).


(vi) Choose a payment method and click on the button "Submit".

(vii) If you choose to pay online through the Application, please include the

payment information requested by the chosen third party payment processor

(e.g., your name, surname, credit or debit card number, and security codes).

Customers who complete a payment for the first time are required to undergo a

payment security verification procedure.

1.2 If your payment is executed successfully, the respective Store shall send you a

notification confirming your Order.

1.3 If you have any questions regarding your Orders, please contact the Company

by email at

1.4 By placing an Order and receiving a confirmatory notice from the respective

Store, you conclude an electronic sale contract for the ordered Goods with the

respective Store. The details of the contract will not be filed by the Company and,

therefore, the specific contract will not be available to you. However, if you

require any information regarding the contract, you can contact the Company by

email at

1.5 Correcting input errors. You will be able to identify and correct any input

errors prior to clicking on the "Submit" button. If you have made any input error in

your shopping cart, please click on the icon "Shopping Cart" and correct your

error. If you would like to change any input errors in the delivery address, shipping

options, and the payment method, please go to the checkout page in the

Application and click the button "Change" in the section in which you would like

to make changes. The checkout page of the Application is available by clicking on

the "Checkout" button mentioned above.

2. Payments

2.1 Customers can make payments for Orders by using three payment methods,

namely, (1) online payments through the Application, (2) cash payments, and (3)

non-cash payments. Customers shall specify the chosen payment method when

placing their Orders. If a Customer fails to make a payment for an Order by one of

the three available payment methods, the Order shall be cancelled.

2.2 Online Payments through the Application

2.2.1 All payments for Goods through the Application will be securely processed

by online third party payment processors used by Stores. The third party payment

processors used by Stores employ high standard security certificates.


2.2.2 The Company shall not be liable if a third party payment processor declines

or refuses payment due to Customer’s failure to quote correct payment

information. Customers are solely responsible for quoting correct payment


2.2.3 The third party payment processors handle all steps in the payment process

on their websites, including data collection and data processing. The Company

neither stores nor processes Customers’ credit/debit card information.

2.2.4 In case the Company does not receive the required payment from a Customer

through the Application, the Company shall promptly inform the Customer about

the failed payment transaction and offer to use other payment methods.

2.3 Cash Payments

2.3.1 Cash payments are available upon the delivery of Goods to Customers by

couriers or if Customers choose to pick up Goods at Stores.

2.3.2 Stores or couriers delivering Orders shall issue receipts to Customers

confirming the acceptance of cash payments.

2.4 Non-cash Payments

2.4.1 Non-cash payments can be made at Stores upon pickup of Goods by

bankcards (MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Visa, Visa Electron) owned by


2.4.2 Stores shall issue receipts confirming the acceptance of non-cash payments.

2.5 Payment Security. Online payments through the Application are carried in

accordance with the highest international industry standards.

2.6 Payment Refusal. Payments made through the Application may be refused in

the following cases:

 The bankcard used is not suitable for making online payments (please

contact the financial institution that has issued the bankcard for more


 The account balance of the bankcard does not contain enough funds

necessary for making the payment;

 The payment information (e.g., a card number, CVV2, and CVC2) are

entered incorrectly;

 The validity period indicated on the front side of the bankcard has expired;


 The cardholder exceeded the limit of operations or expenses determined by

the financial institution that has issued the bankcard.


2.7 Please submit carefully and accurately the payment information required by the

respective third party payment processor. Below, you can find some clarifications

regarding payments through bankcards.

 The name of the cardholder is usually indicated on the front side of the

bankcard in capital letters (e.g., JOHN SMITH).

 The card number is usually indicated on the front side of the bankcard in

numbers and consists of 16 digits (e.g., 0123 4567 8901 2345).

 The validity period is usually indicated on the front side of the bankcard and

comprises the month and year to which the card is valid.

 CVV2 or CVC2 codes are usually indicated on the back side of the bankcard

and consist of 3 digits (e.g., 123).

2.8 If you have any questions regarding payments of Orders, please contact the

financial institution that has issued your bankcard. If the financial institution

cannot help you, please contact the Company by email at

3. Delivery

3.1 Customers can pick up their Orders free of charge directly at the respective

Stores (if the Stores indicate such a possibility through the Application). Orders

can also be delivered to addresses specified in them. The delivery option and the

timeframe should be specified by the Customer when placing an Order.

3.2 Each Store shall put reasonable efforts to deliver each and every Order within

the estimated timeframe. However, please note that the estimated timeframes for

delivery provided by Stores are only non-binding estimates.

3.3 The delivery of ordered Goods will be made to the addresses specified in the

respective Orders. If a Store cannot deliver an Order to the specified address, the

Store shall promptly notify the respective Customer.

3.4 Stores reserve the right to contact Customers with requests to clarify Orders

and/or the delivery addresses. Couriers may contact Customers prior to delivering

Goods for specifying the exact delivery time.

3.5 The delivery can be executed only if the minimum quantity of Goods is

included in the Order. The minimum quantity of Goods which can be purchased

from a Store shall be clearly communicated by that Store to its Customers.

3.6 Customers are solely responsible for quoting correct delivery addresses and

specifying delivery times that allow them to accept the ordered Goods.

3.7 If Goods cannot be delivered to Customers due to Customers’ faults (e.g.,

incorrectly quoted contact information or a false Order), the Company reserves the


right to suspend the Account and deprive such Customers from placing any orders

in the future.

3.8 Delivery of hot food is carried out in specialized thermo bags, preserving the

quality of the food.

4. Refunds and returns

4.1 Refunds. If a payment is taken and the Store is unable to fulfill the order You

must contact the Store by phone or contact form on this website as soon as possible

explaining the situation, this is generally the quickest and easiest solution . If

however you find no resolution by phone then email us quoting the day the order

was placed, the amount taken, the order reference number, a contact name and

contact telephone number. We’ll then investigate the situation and if in agreement

will refund the order amount back to the card used to make payment within 14

days of receiving the complaint.

4.2 Returns. Due to the nature of the business returns will only be accepted if a

customer can prove products were unfit for consumption, if this is the case the

product must be returned with a minimum of 60% of the product intact and within

container supplied. A refund will then be given in cash after inspection of the

returned product at the discretion of the business.

5. Contact Details

5.1 Any questions with regard to these Terms can be addressed to the Company by

using the following contact details:

The Company: Yumasoft Inc.

Address: 245 Saw Mill River Road, Hawthorne, New York, USA, 10532


Phone number: +1 718 710 46 35,

Online contact form:

6. Last Amendment

6.1 These Terms have been last amended on 18th of September 2017.

7. Cooperation


7.1 The Company may cooperate with partners and resellers in relation to the

operation of the Application. Such partners and resellers shall be solely responsible

for their activities.

8. Other Relevant Documents

8.1 For more detailed information on the terms and conditions governing the use of

the Application, please refer to the following documents:

 The Privacy Policy available at


 The User License Agreement available at

licence-agreement; and

 The General Terms available at

8.2 By using the Application, you agree to be legally bound by the provisions of

these Terms and the provisions of the documents mentioned in Section 8.1.

9. Assignment

9.1 The rights and obligations of the Company under these Terms may be freely

assigned to any third parties without the consent of Customers and Stores. These

Terms shall inure to the benefit of and be binding upon the successors and assigns

of the Company.

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